#01 近未来のてざわり A feel of the near future 10/29[THU]—12/13[SUN] Open 11:00—20:00 Daily

今、身の回りや社会全体に存在するさまざまな課題に対して、デザインでどのような未来を描けるのでしょうか? 2020年、またその先の時代に、デザインはどのような役割をはたすのでしょうか?

"A touch of the Near Future," GOOD DESIGN Marunouchi's opening project, is an exhibition featuring 40 designs selected from recent editions of the Good Design Award, together with the stories of their creation. It presents examples of designs that provide solutions for life's petty concerns, creating comfort and new sensations. These designs are more than just simple objects and things; they are the kind of designs that have the potential to act as a platform for future society.

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