#02 近未来のてざわり2 私の選んだ一品 A feel of the near future 2 | My favorite of GOOD DESIGN December 18 2015 - January 31 2016

第2回企画展「近未来のてざわり2 私の選んだ一品」では、グッドデザイン賞の審査の過程で、審査委員個人の琴線に触れた「私の選んだ一品」を、各人による「推薦文」とともにご紹介します。





At the second exhibition "Feel of the Near Future 2: My favorite of GOOD DESIGN" the designs that touched at the heartstrings of the individual jury members during the judging process will be introduced along with a recommendation written by each member.

When judging the GOOD DESIGN AWARD, the judging committee members, who have various backbones, spend time imagining and proactively discussing the "life, industry, and society of the near future." In the process, each judging committee member chooses a single design to introduce that left an impression on them, or that they found fascinating. That is "My favorite of GOOD DESIGN."

The selected designs are diverse, including things that will be useful in everyday life, things that will have an impact on industry, and things that will shape new communities. Please enjoy each of the judging committee members' points, while imagining the near future.

December 18 2015
Japan Institute of Design Promotion

Exhibition items