#04 After 311 震災から5年のデザイン After 311 - 5 years of design since the disaster / March 11 Fri - April 10 Sun Open 11:00 - 20:00 Daily


5 years have now passed since the Great East Japan earthquake. While we are still only midway through the reconstruction process, over these past 5 years, many people have faced the disaster, became closer to the region and the community, and generated new endeavors and design. This exhibition will display over 40 works of design that have been created since 2011. Not only will we exhibit designs that have directly contributed to the restoration, or call for preparedness against future disasters, we will also introduce several efforts which seek to help solve the various issues shared by the local regions, including the disaster-striken areas.

Exhibition items

【地域ー人 新しい関係を作る】